Commercially available DHPs

Several commercial DHPs are currently being used by the UpSMART network during the various stages of early cancer clinical trials. We have collated these DHPs to share awareness across the wider network and categorised based on their digital product purpose into 5 areas. The boxes below link to a list of these commercial DHPs along with information on any sites that have experience using them.

Trial Design and Set up

DHPs to support trial design, protocol development, trial master file, contracts and agreements

Patient Facing

DHPs to support patient identification, consent management, patient feedback and reported outcomes

Clinic and Lab

DHPs to support clinical data capture, prior health history, lab results, genomic profiles and sample management

Data and Analysis

DHPs to support data management and analysis including statistical modelling and data visualisation

Trial Operations and Monitoring

DHPs to support trial monitoring, pharmacovigilance, safety and protocol deviations