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ACUITY is an open source visual analytics system, which allows clinical study data to be visualised in near real time

  • DHP Purpose – Interpretation
  • Licence – Apache 2.0
  • Maturity – Multi Centre

ACUITY, presents a set of data driven interactive visualisations to allow early data exploration and hypothesis generation at both the individual subject and study population level. The system allows for near real-time access to emerging data to support timely and effective decision-making in clinical trials and consists of 3 web applications:

i) Admin UI: clinical study data mapping and loading application, to load data for the visualisations

ii) VA-Hub: frontend analytics application, displays the data visualisations for clinical interpretation

iii) VA-Security: user authentication and settings application to control access to the visual analytics component.

* The visual analytics component of ACUITY was previously communicated as REACT, as of 2022 the Open source version will be referred to as ACUITY

Key Features


Enables study teams to visualise trial data such as Adverse Events, laboratory results, response and genomic profile data. Powerful filters and interactive charts support the visual exploration of the study with drill through to comprehensive patient level data


Provides a mapping tool to load study data in CSV or SAS format into the ACUITY database


ACUITY is a node.js application, accessible through Chrome and uses Postgresql to store data. A reference architecture and installation documents exists for Microsoft Azure deployment.


i) ACUITY-ADMIN: source code for ACUITY visual analytics component Admin UI application

ii) ACUITY-VA-HUB: source code for ACUITY visual analytics component application

iii) ACUITY-VA-SECURITY: source code for ACUITY visual analytics security application

iv) ACUITY-DOCKER: ‘start here’ to allow install of ACUITY visual analytics components into docker containers for local instances (laptop or working stations)

v) ACUITY wiki

Training Documentation

Admin UI Guide

VA-HUB Guide

Installation Guide