eTARGET – a paperless solution to overcome the challenge of integrating data from disparate sources in different organisations. It presents a single view of patient clinical and genomic NGS data to support decision making for Molecular Tumour Boards.

The eTARGET tool has revolutionised MTB. It facilitated continued patient review during the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and has permitted smooth transition to national MTBs. Mutation frequency data is easily accessible to all trial investigators and the addition of the trial finder tool has enabled rapid national matching to clinical trials.

Dr Donna Graham

Consultant in Medical Oncology at The Christie NHS Trust.

Key Features


Integrates clinical and genomic data to support decision making by Molecular Tumour Boards. Developed by the Manchester Cancer Research Centre as part of the TARGET trial (Tumour chARacterisation to Guide Experimental Targeted therapy)


Integrates clinical, tumour NGS and circulating tumour DNA NGS data


eTARGET is a web solution deployed within Microsoft Azure.

How can I use eTARGET at my centre?

eTARGET requires basic technical infrastructure, comprising a web server, a database and secure storage. This can be deployed on any major cloud provider (e.g. Azure, AWS) or on site (Academic Institution or NHS Trust).

Once installed, it will require basic technical monitoring on the infrastructure side. On the application side, it will require i) user management and ii) file uploading. Further details are available at the links below.

Access the product

Front-end and web services (MIT Licence)

Data Ingest Process (GLP 3.0 Licence)




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