Cancer trial finder template.

Raises awareness of recruiting trials by making trial information accessible to clinical research teams.

Key Features


The cancer trial finder template can be used to create an online tool that displays clinical trial options. The aim of the tool is to raise awareness of recruiting trials by making the trial information accessible to clinicians and the wider multidisciplinary team from any location. The template has been created by Philip Russell, a research nurse at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, based on his Lung Cancer Trial Finder tool which was developed to meet a need to inform clinicians about trial options in the lung cancer population. The tool has been used successfully at The Christie for several years.


Provides a mapping tool to load study data in CSV or SAS format into the ACUITY database.


The template has been developed using Google Forms and contains sections which fall into the following categories: landing page, options, single trial, trials, no trials, and portfolio. The trial finder is created by linking these sections to guide the user to the relevant trials based on their search criteria. To receive a copy of the template, you need to have a Google account to access Google Forms (see Cancer Trial Finder Template below).

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Cancer trial finder template





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