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UpSMART aims to improve experimental cancer research across the UK, Italy & Spain.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear how important being digital is for our Early Phase Clinical Trials Units. Participating in initiatives like UpSMART is accelerating our digitalization and paving the way to implementing the use of medical devices in our trials.

Dr Elena Garralda

Spain Principal Investigator, UpSMART Accelerator Award, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain

UpSMART has created open source digital healthcare products to improve experimental cancer research. The UpSMART team have worked with clinicians to address unmet clinical needs and develop our portfolio of 7 DHPs.

 We are looking for partners to implement these DHPs, please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us.

Digital Healthcare Product Portfolio


Clinical design and set up


An online tool that can be used as an objective way for predicting overall survival outcomes in patients prior to enrolment on early phase clinical trials. It provides an individualized prediction of the survival time based on patients’ baseline analytical values.

Cancer Trial Finder Template

Displays all recruiting clinical trial options to members of the local clinical research team thus improving awareness to clinical research staff as to open clinical studies, thereby improving opportunities for patients’ access to clinical trials.


A web-based decision support tool which allows clinicians to enter physiological criteria and based on a machine learning algorithm provides a likelihood of whether a cancer patient presenting with COVID-19 symptoms will require hospital admission.


Process clinical trial monitoring, supporting patient identification, consent, feedback and reported outcomes.

Digital ECMT Cancer Trial Matching Tool

System to help clinicians identify the right clinical trials for patients. It integrates a patient’s cancer type and tumour genotype with ClinicalTrials.gov and other online data sources to return a list of potential matching trials.


Patient Reported Opinions About Clinical Tolerability – PROACT 2.0 is an open-source patient application for secure, direct communication between clinical trial participants and their medical team​.


Clinical trial data analysis and supporting data capture.


A paperless decision-support system integrating the patient’s genomic profile with their clinical characteristics.  Used as part of a monthly Molecular Tumour Board.


Interactive set of visualisations for clinical trial data which has been entered into the clinical trial database; for data interpretation at both the population and patient level to enable an earlier understanding of patient benefit-risk profile.

Why Upsmart?

Early phase trials are challenging as there is the need to analyse large volumes of data in real time as dose decisions are made. Through work package 2 we are exploring the utility of digital technology to improve this process. The release of a free to use version of ACUITY, a DHP to allow visualisation of trial data has been a significant milestone for the accelerator to meet this aim.

Dr Louise Carter

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine. Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology





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